15 Trees Too Beautiful for Reality

If you look at the amazing colours, shapes and sizes of these trees and think they come from videos games or fantasy movies then you won’t be the first, as they look completely unreal.

1. 125 years old Rhododendron tree in Canada

Look at the beautiful colors

most magnificent trees 1

2: 144 years old Wisteria in Japan

The largest of its kind in Japan, this huge tree is 1,990 square meters.

most magnificent trees 2

most magnificent trees 3

3. Windswept trees in New Zealand

On Slope Point, the most south point in New Zealand, these trees grow at an angle because they are always in strong winds

most magnificent trees 4

4. Portland, Oregon, Japanese Maple trees

5. Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss In Oregon

This type of tree is native to Argentina and Chile, but this specimen is from the US

most magnificent trees 7

6. Blooming Cherry trees, Germany

Every April, these beautiful Cherry trees bloom in Bonn, Germany

most magnificent trees 8

7. Angel Oak in South Carolina

Stands 66.5 ft tall and is estimated to be more than 1400 – 1500 years old

most magnificent trees 9

8. Flamboyant, Brazil

This tree grows in tropical areas around the world, but it is native to Madagascar

most magnificent trees 10

9. Dragonblood trees, Yemen

Earned their special name due to it’s crimson red sap, it is being used as dye and a violin varnish, an alchemical ingredient and a folk remedy for various ailments

most magnificent trees 11

10. The President, third largest Giant Sequoia tree in the world, California

Located in Sequoia national park in California, stands at 241 ft ( 73m ) tall and has a ground circumference of 93 ft ( 28m ) it is the third largest Giant Sequoia in the world

most magnificent trees 12

11. Maple tree tunnel in Oregon

most magnificent trees 13

12. Rainbow Euccalyptus in Kauai, Hawaii

Grows throughout the South Pacific, is both a very beautiful and very useful tree, it’s pulpwood is used for making paper, and the beautiful colorful patches left by its shedding

most magnificent trees 14

most magnificent trees 15

13. Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa

These beautiful trees with their violet flowers grow in South Africa

most magnificent trees 16

14. South Carolina Avenue of Oaks at Dixie plantation

It was planted back in 1790 on Dixie plantation

most magnificent trees 17

15. Baobab trees in Madagascar

These unique trees store water at their thick trunks that can be used during droughts

most magnificent trees 18

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