The Best Travel Door Alarms 2017

When work takes you on constant trips, and you have to stay in hotels a lot, you will probably start to feel like the hotel rooms just aren’t safe enough. With nothing but a locked door between you and the burglar, you will feel like you aren’t adequately protected. But how can you make every room in every hotel or motel safe?

The Five Best Travel Doors Alarms:

You can do it with a travel door alarms. Place one of these nifty things in your hotel room and you will be able to sleep a little sounder at night away from your own home. If you’re in need of one, here are five of the best currently on the market:

1. Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm

Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm

The best travel alarms are always the simplest and the loudest, and Doberman Security Portable Door Alarm is just such one device. This little thing is not larger than a pendant, but it will produce a noise of up to 100dB. Not only that, but the device is simple to install, and, thanks to its small size, can literally fit into your pocket.

To install the alarm all you have to do is to hang it on the door knob and place the metal clip into the doorjamb. At that point, the device is armed and ready, and you can finally go soundly to sleep.

2. Sabre Wedge Door Security System

Sabre Wedge Door Security System

Simple and reliable, Sabre Wedge Door Security System is one of the most affordable and best performing travel security systems. This little wedge is not only an alarm, but serves as a break-in prevention. The wedge is placed beneath the door, so that when a burglar tries to open the door, he not only triggers the 120 dB alarm, but digs the thing further into the ground, disallowing him to open the door.

The product features a special non-skid pad that won’t allow the wedge to move. It uses 1.9 V batteries, and it features an audible sound that will warn you when the battery is low.

3. Feenm Door Stop Alarm

Feenm Door Stop Alarm

Third up, we have a device from Feenm. This device is very similar in shape and size to Sabre, and delivers a performance just as good. As before, put the wedge underneath your door, put the battery in, and you’re all set. The device, upon being triggered, will emit a 120 dB sound, and the anti-skid pad will disable the burglar from entering through the door.

One more thing you should now about this device is that it has three distinct sensitivity levels. This is good for those who have pets like cats, so your cat won’t trigger the alarm if it opens the door, as they’re highly mobile during the night, and they won’t wake you unnecessarily.

4. Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm

Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm

Our penultimate product is Belle Hop Travel Door alarm. This little doohickey is similar to our first item, both in design and simplicity. The premise is the same, as you have a metal clip, and you insert it into the doorjamb. The body is then simply hung on the knob, and the next time somebody tries to open the door, they’ll be met with a powerful 91 dB scream.

The device also has a neat and convenient flashlight. This can be useful if you plan to give chase, or simply examine the damage to your door.

5. GE Personal Security Door Alarm

GE Personal Security Door Alarm

Our last device is yet another convenient little wedge. Just like before, put your device under the door (make sure there’s 1-3.5 cm clearance) and you’re good to go. As before, the device lets out a 120 dB sound that is sure to startle the intruder, and wake you up. Again, the anti-skid pad will prevent the door from being opened ajar.

Also, the product is battery powered, adding a great convenience in case of power shortages.


And, there you have it, five awesome travel security accessories. These device will keep you safe at night wherever you go. Small, cheap and compact, these devices are your ultimate travelling companions, and your faithful guard hounds.

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