The Best Money Belts for Travelling 2017

Best Money Belts for Travelling

When you’re going abroad, you can never be safe enough with your wallet. Not only because your cash is in it, but because your personal documents are in it too, and those are much more of a hustle to replace, and much more inconvenient to lose.

To protect your valuables, both monetary and otherwise, use a specially crafted money belt. These things are not what they seem to be, sporting simple but effective anti-theft technology.

The 5 Best Money Belts for Travelling

If you’re going on one such trip and in need of one, then let us help you out. Below is a list of the top five money belts for traveling that you should definitely check out.

1. Alpha Keeper – Money Belt For Travel

Alpha Keeper - Money Belt For Travel

Let’s open this round with a stunner. Alpha Keeper is one of the best money belts because of its simplicity and affordability, but classy looks as well.

This belt features the praised RFID protection, a simple but highly effective piece of technology. The RFID protection constructs a kind of a Faraday cage that blocks the output of your credit cards’ and passports’ chips, making remote hacking an impossibility. Not only that, but the belt has several hidden pockets where you can keep your money, thwarting pickpockets right from the start. Not only that, but the belt is quite spacious as well, and you can put all sorts of things in it.

2. Peak – Travel Money Belt

Peak Travel Money Belt

If ultimate protection is what you need, go with Peak. Peak Travel Money Belt is one of the most secure such items on the market. Simple, stylish and comfortable, Peak is a product worth your attention.

Like Alpha Keeper, Peak features RFID technology. However, this belt does not have several RFID protected pockets, but the whole thing is one big RFID pocket. This will stop electronic pick pocketing in its tracks, and completely disarm thieves. Peak also guarantees that their product won’t rip or break, and features a 210D water-resistant nylon construction and YKK zippers to match.

3. Simply4Travel – Travel Money Bag

Simply4Travel Travel Money Bag

Another bag up for consideration is Simply4Travel. Spacey and contemporary-looking, this bag will hide your valuables from the ever-voracious electronic pickpockets. The way the bag achieve this is through RFID technology that protects your credit cards and passport from electronic invasion and usurpation of privacy.

The bag is also made as sturdy as possible – its construction is a combination of 210D water-resistant nylon and Rip-Stop nylon, making it nigh impenetrable.

4. Travel Navigator – RFID-Blocking Money Belt

Travel Navigator RFID-Blocking Money Belt

If comfort is a must, then Travel Navigator Money Belt is your best bet. This splendid belt has a very soft back end, enabling maximum comfort if you’re planning to wear the belt under your shirt and against your skin.

Needless to say, this belt has been made with RFID technology that will stop electronic pickpocketing in its tracks by blocking the signal your credit card’ and passports’ chips are emitting. The bag is very stretchy and has an adjustable strap that can accommodate a waist size of 56 inches. It also features stronger zippers for added safety.

5. MOVON – Travel Money Belt

MOVON Travel Money Belt

Our last item comes from Movon. Another stellar money belt, Movon Travel Money Belt is a superb product of masterful and meticulous craftsmanship. Like all other belts, Movon also features the RFID protection fabric that will completely stop any electronic pickpocket.

The belt has also been made with non-rip and water-resistant nylon. It is spacious enough to accommodate cash, passports, credit cards and smartphones. The strap is also adjustable and can accommodate a waist 50 inches in circumference.


Like we said, you can never be safe enough with your credit cards, passports and money when going abroad. Travel money bags are made to protect your valuables at all times. Nowadays, you can be electronically pick-pocketed, and the money bags are able to prevent that with the RFID technology.

So, the next time you think about traveling overseas, be sure to think about your own safety and pick up a travel bag.

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